Thursday, April 17, 2014

Festival Of Nations At Dollywood

Several of my family & I have season passes for Dollywood! We love going there & getting to enjoy the outdoors.. Not only do we get to enjoy the outdoors however we as well get to enjoy water rides as well as roller coasters!

Throughout the season Dollywood has 5 different festivals! What are they you ask? they are as follows!
Festival Of Nations
Barbecue & Bluegrass
Great American Summer
Southern Gospel & Harvest Celebration
Smokey Mountain Christmas

My favorite of the 5 are:
Festival Of Nations
Great American Summer 
Smokey Mountain Christmas

Taylor & I enjoyed Festival of Nations very much! Our favorite performance of the day was known as Mother Africa. Here are some photos from the dance! The photos can explain it all on their own how wonderful it was.. It was upbeat & an array of colors!

Here are some photos of  Tay & I throughout the day :)

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