Friday, March 21, 2014

Sweet Letters

I cannot wait to see you Sunday! I know it will be a great lunch.. Maybe Priscilla will join us! If not that will be fine because I know we still have fun either way...

I wish you could be super duper flat.. I miss my flat tummy something awful! I need a personal trainer 24/7 I do believe to get me back to what it use to be.. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions? I am all ears trust me.. I have had one of my good friends Meg talk to me about Spark! What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe?

Fit Trainer
I need one of you to appear in my home! I need you to live with me 24/7 that way I do not eat or drink anything I shouldn't & I need you to tell me what to do.. That is not asking too much right?

Aunt Shirley
I hate you for telling my mother to tell me that I can only pack a small suitcase to the beach! That does not make me happy.. We will be gone for a whole entire week! Do you realize that? I understand that you can wash your clothing in our beach condo & that you are fine with that but I do not want too I want to be able to wear a different outfit each of those days! Sorry that I'm not sorry..

Aunt Joyce
I love you I really do however after finding out you are the one whom made the sleeping arrangements for the beach I am not so happy with you! You know good & well that I have never slept next to my mother ever so why do you think it would be any different now? It's not gonna be! I will sleep on that floor before that happens sorry! Like it? Hate it? I do not care..

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