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Book Review: Caylin's Story

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What can I tell you about Caylin's Story?Well do you remember the Watcher Trilogy & Watcher Chronicles I wrote about? This will continue the series..

In the last book you learned of soul mates Mason & Jess, the one before that it was Brand & Lilly, well now you will learn of Aiden & Caylin..

Caylin met Aiden when she was just 14 years old. She knew as much as Aiden did after the first time they met that they were each other's soul mates.  Aiden was not allowed to have anything to do with Caylin until she turned 18. That was her parents decision & theirs alone! 

Aiden kept his promise & kept away but he always made sure to leave her something on Valentines Day as well as her birthday for each year he was missing with her! How sweet right? 

However one evening 6 months before her 18th birthday he finally was able to be with her early because he saved her life! She found out what her parents kept from her from beginning to end! She was fierce & angry with them but bless her can you blame her?

She knew a battle would occur which she would have to help stop & that she did.. Afterwards she was able to truly begin the rest of her life with her soul mate Aiden :)

Timeless by SJ West Cover Art

Devoted by SJ West Cover Art

My thoughts on the series? I loved the first book but was not impressed with the second book. SJ West skipped too much info which she should have added as well as left us hanging on the lives of Aiden & Caylin! I was pissed off to say the least.. I know she now has a series out which has to do with Malcolm to continue the series but I do not know if I want to read it because I do not want it to be as bad. If only SJ West had of written more books on Caylin's Story it would have been alright but sadly she didnt she botched her own books as far as Caylin's Story goes... She has said that she would also right a series on Aiden to continue the story of him & Caylin from his point of view & my only hope to her is that she does not screw it up too..

I rate the first book a 5 
I rate the second book a 2

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