Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dance, Smile, Get Fit It's Zumba Time

A very long time ago now it seems when I was much younger & still in college I was a cheerleader, was on 2 dance teams as well as 1 step team.. Yes I was a busy girl & on top of it all I was a nursing student! I think its safe to say that those years was the busiest years of my life thus far anyway! I am sure that when it is time for me to have children the busiest time of my life will be replaced by my babies whom will then need my full attention 24/7! 

Until that moment comes however I am content enjoying girl time with a few of my lovely ladies doing Zumba to try & replace what I miss so badly from my college years! However I must admit though that I do not think I ever want to go back to my long forgotten college years! Life as an adult now without studying is quiet good if you ask me..

Zumba is a fun filled Latin dance system which I love! You have fun & get a work out all at the same time! I mean what trumps that? Nothing if you ask me & my lovely ladies..

Rachel teaches our class & we love her! She is just like us fun & outgoing which makes it even better.. Our class normal last for an hour but if hip hop is after then you better bet it will be a two hour class :) No way am I gonna miss hip hop time!

Here is a few photos we took on Sunday right after our class ended :)

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