Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saint Jude's Meal & Concert

This past Thursday evening at Del Monaco Winery a meal & concert was held to benefit Saint Jude's! I am happy to say that all together 10 grand was the total for that night.. 

I knew I wanted to be apart of it so I bought 2 tickets which was at $25 a piece! All money went to Saint Jude's.. I bought those tickets for Aunt Joyce & myself! I loved knowing my money was well spend to go toward a good cause! 

The events of that evening was to start with a meal which was provided by O Charley's, they served Pork Tenderloin, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, & Rolls as well as beverages! Soon after the meal took place Outshyne was to perform a few songs before Jo Dee Messina made her appearance on stage!

I enjoyed this night completely except for one small part! I promise you that you ladies would never guess what it would be so I am going to let you in on my secret! Afterwards I bet you will be just as angry as I was..

Jo Dee had allowed many to take photos of her as well as video tape her except for one part which she talked about what was going on with her mother! She had asked everyone around to please not video tape or snap pictures during this time. Everyone around respected her for that choice except for one individual. 

This man whom was only a table away from me turned his cell phone on to video & placed it right in front of her for her to see that he clearly was video taping her! She looked at him & said sir are you really doing that right in front of me after I asked you not to do so? He of course gave no response which led to my anger! I then not so nicely to the gentleman said sir do you have no manners at all what so ever? Please stop being an ass & remove your damn phone. He glared at me not so nicely but I did not give a damn! 

What he failed to realize was that like us she is a human being just as we are with feelings! What she was speaking of her mother I am sure she has not shared with many.. Her mother had been ill as of about 5 months ago & spend many months in the hospital which one right after another anything bad that could happen did happen to her mother! She allowed us to hear this story because this story like many others in ler life are tied to her new album! It tells the story of where she has to be a mother, a daughter, a sister, & so much more!

I can never thank her enough for sharing that moment with us but if I could take one thing back it would be to punch the lights out of that ass that did not seem to give a damn about her or anyone but his own damn self!

Here are a few photos/videos from the night :) Enjoy!

***For some reason it will not allow me to upload the videos of Jo Dee :(

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