Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Things I'm Lovin

I am loving that I had such a fun time catching up with Dusten on Friday night when we went to Opry Hotel to see the lights as well as see Ice which happened to be Frosty The Snowman! Tomorrow I will post a few photos I took of the lights :)

I am loving that on Saturday I enjoyed some time with the family! That alone is always fun & enjoyable..

I am loving that on Sunday Aunt Joyce & I went to see Catching Fire! It was so good & we loved it so very much.

I am loving that today I am going to ride horses & that Elle Bella will be coming along! I know she loves it just as much as me..

I am loving that come tomorrow I will be having Thanksgiving dinner with my family but sadly I will not get to participate in Black Friday with them because I will be back at work!

I am loving that anytime now baby Liam will be making his debut! Ugh he needs to come out of the womb already..

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