Friday, November 29, 2013

Opry Hotel/ICE Bits & Pieces

The magic of Christmas comes to live each year at the Opryland Hotel from November to December. You will adventure into a wonderland filled full of sparkling lights, array of colors, chilly carriage rides, & so much more!

If seeing all the above is not enough then you may also want to emerse yourself into ICE which this year happens to be Frosty the Snowman! It changes every single year which allows you to enjoy it each & every time. I must forewarn you however that you better dress warmly if you do not want to freeze into a solid block if ice yourself. Oh & it happens to have over 2 million tons of ice which has been sculpted.

I love that over the years I have made it a tradition of going to ICE as well as to the Opryland Hotel. I never seem to get enough of either! I love that it all reminds of my childhood growing up! I normally take tons upon tons of photos each year but this year instead of worrying about all the photos being taken I decided to truly just enjoy the moment at hand! However I am going to share with you sweet ladies the few photos I did take while there :)

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Laura said...

My brother and I felt we owned the Opryland Hotel (and the park!) when we were small. There was no nook or cranny of the hotel we didn't know! It's magical anytime of year, but there sure is something extra special at Christmas!