Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nashville Here We Come

One would think that if they did not go to bed until around 3 in the morning that sleeping in would be a piece of cake! Well I could not have been more wrong..

I only slept in until 7.. I was none too happy with my body @ this point needless to say! Leia on the other hand slept in until 10 & the only reason she got up then was because I went & awoken her.. 

Before I had awoken her I woke up with a lovely hangover! I went straight for the Excedrin & decided I needed food & a big huge coke from Sonic... Hello caffeine my new best friend of the day!

After I had returned with Breakfast I ate mine while watching episodes of Criminal Minds! Bokah Bear decided she was still tired too so she just layed beside me the whole entire time & for her that is rare! She normally is up & moving everywhere.. But as soon as I asked her if she wanted some din din she was on the prowl hovering over me as I fixed her breakfast..

Leia also had a lovely hangover & just like me had to have Excedrin as well... After she had taken some it was off to get ready for Nashville! 

Two hours later around noon we was finally ready & leaving the house! We was finally Nashville bound... Cokes in our hands, sunglasses on, & music down low compared to normal!  Here is a picture I took on the way there..

We had originally planned on going to Franklin to visit Gentry Farm.. I wanted some dang pumpkins plus they had me at hayrides, baby animals & corn mazes.. Score! I swear I am still a child at heart. 

After that adventure we was going to have some photos made at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Radnor Lake however due to the fact that we did not like sunlight thanks to our hangovers we decided we could come back & attempt this a whole other day.. I still need my Fall photos done so I can send them out to family & friends for Christmas!

The only thing we ended up doing was going to the mall, going out to eat & me visiting a friend.. I must admit this was the shortest mall visit we have ever encountered! It did not last longer then 3 hours.. That should be put in the record books because normally Lee Lee & I can shut a mall down! Here is some goodies from the mall trip..
I walked away with:
3 new bras
7 new pair of underwear
& 2 new perfumes

Here is my new pair of running shoes I got at Nike! I just love them.. 

Lee Lee & I :) 

Seeing Chris was nice! It has been a while since I had last gotten to see him so catching up for a few was great.. We took new photos together which I loved even more! I cannot believe it has been 3 1/2 years of knowing this crazy man whom I love to pieces even on his bad days...

Chris & the boys wanted us to come out to the bars but Lee Lee & I was too tired & wanted naps.. We was pitiful ladies on Sunday after our night out Saturday of too much drinking! 

Over all we enjoyed our weekend :)

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