Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet Letters

It has been a whole week & 1 day since we have broken up & I still find it odd to say the least! This whole us no longer being together is going to get some taken use too I guess you could say! 

Come Monday you will be having sweet baby Ava! I cannot wait to meet her.. I hope you have a safe delivery mamma :) I love you!

Your mamma is due to have you Monday I cannot wait to see you once you are born! I know you will be miss fancy pants with an attitude. I have found this out by how stubborn you have been in your mamma's tummy little miss! You only let us feel you when you alone feel like allowing us to feel your mean little kicks.. Please know that you are loved & cherished very much & that you will be spoiled tons.

You finally let me feel you kick last night for the first time & I must say it was about time..However you was one stubborn baby boi!

Thanks for going to see Two Guns with me! I love father/daughter time.. It is always nice to have just us time together!

Can you please just clean yourself to my satisfaction? I have been too tired after work this week to even care that you might just be a tad bit too messy for my liking :(

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