Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun With The girls & A New Restaurant

On Thursday Jeremy & I had a great day with Addison & Gracy..  We had lunch from Pizza hut & then afterwards it was water balloon wars! We enjoyed getting cooled off & chasing each other down! It was so hot outside though that it took us no time to dry off!

Gracy had been wanting to go to White Possum Grille & since Jeremy & I had never had it before we decided to try it with the girls! So Michael, Jeremy, Gracy, Addison, & I loaded up in the truck & headed to eat.. Of course I had to sit in the middle between both girls but you know that is just fine with me! I love two girls.. I think the only one Addison shares me with is her sister & I think that is it..

Now most days I love mom & pop restaurants but not this time! I do not think any of us loved it!  The staff was not friendly, the food was awful, & the drinks were flat! It took 45 minutes to get out food & once we did it was awful.. The chicken was not seasoned, the mac & cheese was not seasoned either, the baked potatoes was still raw, the french fries was soggy, the rolls you could have tossed like a soccer ball, & the drinks was super flat! I remember as we left we explained to Gracy that we loved her but would never come here again with her & her daddy told her she better not ask to come here again for another year! 

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