Thursday, June 6, 2013

RIP Joshua Jerigan

I received this photo Tuesday from a few of my friends in Nashville letting me know that one of my friends had passed away! Josh was just riding his crotch rocket when he lost control of his back wheel.. Not sure what happened throughout that whole process but Josh did not make it! 

Josh was always this wild fun crazy boy whom was so full of life.. Loved my many & hated by few! Josh always tried his hardest to cheer others up. I know that his family is overwhelmed & very upset by loosing him.. His family loved him to pieces! Not only is this a hard few days for family but for those of us whom was friends wit him as well. We will have a few hard days coming up as we lay Josh to rest! 

If you all could keep his family as well as those of us whom was friends with him in your prayers that would be great! 

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