Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have met several other bloggers whom are nurses besides me! One of the other nurses I adore is Becky! She wrote a post which has to do with what it means to be a nurse & I had to post it also! I just loved it... & it is so true for us on what we deal with daily!

I love being a nurse but it by no means is easy! But it makes it worth it knowing I can help save lives..

I am a "Nurse"

A nurse where my shift starts & is to end at a certain time under a job title. However, that may not always be the case. Its more practical to have more time with hours extended which leads to no surprise! It is not your normal 9-5 job...

A nurse that walks into a room & is hearing stories told by others...

A nurse that is expected to notice when a patient goes from bad to worse. Where minutes are crucial, seconds are essential & skills/intervention are immediate. 

A nurse that may step into a room & not come out for hours, never skipping a beat. Working hard to do everything that we as a team possibly can while even forgetting to meet our own personal needs.

A nurse that brings people together to come up with a plan/solution. A way to get you home whether that be physically or spiritually.

A nurse that puts feelings & judgments aside in order to help provide the best care possible in all situations! Even when it involves a murderer or child molester. This is not an easy one to do by any means!

A nurse that will send you home after you have been by your husbands side for months & promise to keep an eye on him so you can have a shower, break or even some much needed rest!

A nurse that will cry & laugh with you as well as hold your hand & comfort you!

A nurse that becomes the bad one because I tell you to stop fighting in front of your family with it not being the time nore place while someone is fighting for their life whether it be your sister, brother or someone else.

A nurse that makes handprints of your daughters delicate hands so that you may have something to cherish after she passes.

A nurse that holds the hand of one whom has been abandoned by family & friends as they takes their last breath! Everyone needs someone by their side as they leave this world..

A nurse that will someday leave my husband & children at home on holidays so that I can come to work & save lives.

A nurse that squeezes my family extra tight, realizing how precious life is & to never take my loved ones for granted.

A nurse! A name that has so many meanings. So many titles. So many expectations/roles/& duties.

I can tell you that at some point a nurse just like me will touch your life or the life of a loved one. You may not be there to see it. You may not hear about it. You may not know details. But as a nurse I am telling you this because of a nurse life will be saved. I see it every day around me!

Some loose a battle but even as life is lost new life is brought to us. Nurses fight the battles with you we don't give up! We try our hardest & when your heart has been broken from a loss I promise you we are just as torn & broken by it as well. 

We as nurses are not best at everything we do. We have some things we do better then others & some we have trouble with just like everyone else. There will never be a perfect nurse it is just not possible! One that will answer call lights as fast as you may life. One that will have the textbook answer your wanting. Or one that will always know right away what to do. But in the end we will save a life based on a decision we have made. & once that is thought of in this way ask yourself... What if that life was yours or your loved one?

If you know a nurse tell them thank you for what they do!

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Char said...

I'm a new follower on your blog. Thanks for being a nurse :D


KrissyGirl said...

I absolutely love this!!! Thank you for being a nurse. All of those people, whether it ends good or bad, are so lucky to have you by their side through the tough parts of their life. My mom likes to come home with funny stories of what the patients did which is wonderful but at the same time she tells of heart ache, of death, of extremely tough decisions. I hate to say it on here but one of the lines she uses when someone is real bad is "they need to go to heaven" and you can just tell in her voice. She doesnt show a sign of being upset but you can tell her heart is broken. That one line that said "a nurse is there to hold your hand" or something reminds me of last week. They had a patient who kept acting weird and even told a nurse the day before she was dying. My mom worked that Friday night. The woman was fine at about 12:30 am. Vitals were good and all. At 3 am she passed. They tried calling the son, no answered. The son called on Sunday and said he had been on a mini vaca. He hadnt even left a number. That was a sad story