Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturday Night Happenings

I first & foremost got ready & put a cute little outfit on as you see ^... Fixed my hair & got dolled up! Getting dolled up to go out is a must...

A girl & her shopping addiction! Yes that would be me.. I like to shop but hey now what girl don't? As much as I love to shop I however do not think my bank account likes me to shop! 

I was hungry so we went to Cheddar's to eat! It was very yummy to say the least! It however did hurt to eat thanks to my wisdom teeth :( my whole right side cheek was swollen... I think my new best friend became numbing medication! PS I am just now writing this & I wanna say that today is now Monday & there is only a little swelling left. I called & made a consultation appoint for this Friday after work! & my surgery day will be the 28th of this month for those darn things to be removed! No more pain sounds great to me.... However  I am very nervous about going under for surgery because I have never had any type of surgery before :( So please keep me in your prayers on that day please...

After we had eaten I decided that my mouth hurt so bad that I needed a treat to make it feel better so Starbucks here we came! I got a Grande Caramel Apple Spice.. Hello yummy gooey goodness! 

We have finally found our shirts for our team to wear! The front will say Keep Calm & Rush On while the back of the shirts will say Tribute then underneath Tribute will will have our names individually on them :) We cannot wait... The color for us though will be a baby blue instead of Red! But to the guy above thank you for the great idea! 

Even though this did not happen Saturday night I just wanna say that it snowed earlier in the week & I was not a happy lady! I hate snow with a passion... Poor Midnight got covered bless my boy! I felt bad for him..

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