Sunday, January 27, 2013

Me From A-Z

Age: 24

Bed Size: Queen ( I want a King though)

Chores Hates: Doing dishes by hand ( I am thankful for my dishwasher)

Dogs: I want a teacup Shitzu

Essential Start To My Day: Kisses on the forehead 

Favorite Color: Black & Pink

Gold or Silver: Silver by far I do not do so swell with gold

Heights: 5'3

Instrument Played: I do not play one sadly :(

Job Title: Nurse

Kids: None currently :(

Live: Live life as if it is my last. Enjoy every moment of every day.

Married: Not yet have I said I do but I will :)

Nicknames: Ha yes I have several it all depends on whom you ask hehe! 

Overnight Hospital Stays: Just 1 night 

Pet Peeves: Bad drivers, people hanging up the phone, & several others that I could name!


Righty or Lefty: Lefty always 

Siblings: 1 a little brother named Cody 

Time I Wake Up: It depends on my schedule & if I am off or not! So it always varies!

University Attended: Tennessee Tech

Veggies I Dislike: Ha it would actually be easier to tell you the ones in which I do like verses dislike. Way faster that way! I like carrots, potatoes, cabbage, corn & baked beans! That is it, I hate the rest...

What Makes You Run Late: Not giving myself enough time to get ready but for the most part I am always on time even if I am sleepy hehe

X-Rays I've Had: Well I have had them at the dentist & once at the hospital 

Yummy Foods: I have way too many of those too name

Zoo Animal Favorite: Koala Bears, I love these little creatures. They are so sweet to hold!

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