Saturday, January 19, 2013


I seen this on Designer In Teal & I thought it was such a cute little idea. I needed to play too of course! I did not wanna miss out... I will be listing 5 things for each category. That is why the title is Five!

5 Things You Will Find In My Purse:
1. Perfume
2. Make Up
3. Wallet
4. Lotion
5. Deodorant

5 Things You Will Find In The Bedroom:
1. Candles
2. Comfy Cozy Bed
3. Full Body Mirror
4. Television
5. Soft Pillows

5 Things I Have Always Wanted To Do:
1. Become A Wedding Coordinator
2. Design Own Home With The Mr Of Course
3. Go Deep Sea Fishing
4. Be A Travel Nurse
5. Go To Every Theme Park

5 Things I Am Currently Loving:
1. New Bedroom Color That Has Been Chosen
2. My New Target Planner
3. My New North Face Jacket Arriving Soon
4. Deception Series
5. Wedding Letter Series

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