Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't Forget To Vote

I didn't leave my house early by any means but I did leave my house to go exercise my right to vote for whom I feel is the right choice for our country. 

I know we all will not be voting for the same president & that is just fine. You have your own individual right to vote for whom you want. I think this will be a very close vote for whom our new president will become. Will it say Obama or will it become Romney? We all find find out tonight.

I for one am truly tired of seeing it all over facebook
Obama this
Romney that
I never knew it was so hard to be so nice on there but I see that plenty of people push others buttons. If you cannot be nice enough to respect others then don't post nothing is the way I have looked at things. I have seen some who posted whom they was voting for while others did not like it causing like a 30 page post of well we can no longer be friends yada yada yada & that is truly sad if you can no longer be friends with someone only because you did not like who they voted for. Grow up please! 

Go Vote now ladies & gents :)


jennifer :o) said...


Megan said...

Facebook/Twitter during election time is SO annoying! People take things so personally when others don't believe exactly like they do!!

MarieL said...

So true!