Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So What

So What Wednesday
I am linking up with Shannon!

Let's begin shall we...

1. So what that I paint my nails anytime they get a chip. I cannot stand to have chipped nails! Big no no to me.

2. So what that I hate the smell of cooking oil in a deep fryer. Its gross!

3. So what that I go to the movies a lot. I enjoy it! I cannot stand to wait on a movie to come out on dvd oops!

4. So what that I am addicted to song pop just ask the Mr I fuss with him when he does not play fast enough to suit my fancy :) I need to play people who play as much as me!

5. So what that all my pj bottoms are fleece! That means ten times cozier :)

6. So what that I am angry about this weather. I do not like Winter & it feels like Winter verses Fall boo! Fall please show up so Winter goes else where thanks :)

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