Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So What

So What Wednesday
I am linking up with sweet Shannon over @ Life After I Dew! I would love to have you ladies follow me too :)

1. So what that Midnight needs a good bath. I know he is dirty. However all it has been doing the past few days is raining. See no point in washing my car yet!

2. So what that I am super excited to see Pitch Perfect this Friday & I even called again to make sure. It broke my heart that it only came out in certain places last week! We should have just drove that extra 40 minutes to see it right?

3. So what that I am excited that today is Wednesday that means I only have 2 working days left & I get a break! Thank goodness because I need one I have been working since last Tuesday :(

4. So what that I have not talked to anyone hardly since Saturday. One of my friends whom was like a brother to me died. He was always a shoulder to cry on, laugh on, & so much more! I truly miss him so much! I wish this could all be just a bad dream! But I know it's not :( God has a great angel up there with him now... I am going to miss him ridin rzr with me, climbing trees, making forts & so much more! I have so many wonderful memories of us & I know to be ok I Just need to hold onto those!

5. So what that I haven't cooked for the past few days for us & instead we have went out to eat! I have been way too tired & exhausted so going out to eat is ok right? I say right :)


♥ Marcy ♥ said...

When you started talking about Midnight I thought at first you were talking about your dog or something... and then I remembered that's what you named your car LMBOOOOOOOO ...anyways... girly I am SO SORRY to hear about your friend :( BIG HUGS to you!!!

Stephanie said...

Ugh-I am SO sorry to hear about your friend. :/

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I have always wanted to join in on these So What Wednesday posts! Maybe next week. And girl, I never cook - so you are way ahead of the game there.