Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ciara & Chris Clayburn

Where to begin! Ciara & I use to be best friends growing up as little girls. We grew apart over time because of certain people. I always still cared what happened to her , how her life turned out & so forth. She as well wanted the same for me. Back a few months ago she got engaged to Chris. The wedding plans began & of course I was invited. I was nervous at first it had been a long time since seeing her. We have spend the last few months catching up & talking about her big day. As today came I had tons of thoughts running threw my head such as if we had stayed best friends would I be one of the girls up there standing beside her, & so forth. I tried not to think about it because I knew it could not be changed as to how it is but I am at least blessed to have been able to have today off to be able to go to her wedding & watch her walk down that isle as a beautiful bride & she was just that to say the least. Tears of happiness & joy was shed for her & Chris today. They are now Mr & Mrs Chris Clayburn. She is now a step mom to 4 kids. 2 boys & 2 girls. I know Ciara will be an amazing step mom & those kids love her. I wish them all the best in life. Thank you Ciara for letting me be apart of your big day like we always planned as little girls. If I had one regret it would only be that I didn't get  to help you pick out your dress, help you plan the wedding, & be one of your bridesmaid. I know when we was little that was so important to us both. I do love you & I always will I hope you know that! 

The proposal

She said YES!

Engagement Photos ;)

Her daddy walking her down the isle!

I have more photos to come but I am going to wait to do that in a whole other post with her, Chris, the kids, Bridesmaid, groomsmen & such so be looking out for that :) Those will be the small intimate ceremony :)

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