Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Ride

I am now a owner of a brand new Toyota Camry. I had to find a new vehicle after the deer decided it wanted to crash/murder mine. I was that girl who absolutely did not want to buy a brand new car off the lot only because of how bad the value depreciated once you drove it off the lot. Well I ended up looking at cars on LSN & Craiglist however my finds went like this you loved it was done  sold you liked it well it was a rebuilt title :( I was so depressed & so very sick of looking at cars! After a few weeks they seemed to run together sadly & I had enough. Then a blessing to say the least came my way. They had sales weekend & I came out on top with the beauty above :) I drove him off the lot & named him Midnight. He is my now my 2ND baby :) However I do not look forward to the payments on him sadly :( I took out a payment of 5 years so the payments would be small but I new I planned on paying several payments at once. I should within 2 years have Midnight payed off :) YAY & when that day comes you better believe I am going to do a happy dance!

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♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Yay! Love him! He is a beauty for sure ;) PS I am bacccccckkkkkkkkkk in the land of blog!!!