Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Letters

Ok sweet ladies Ash is MIA today because she has left for Cali. I know she is super excited to get back! She did not do a link up this week however, I am so use to writing Friday Letters that I decided to go ahead & write mine anyway :) Ash have a safe trip sweet girl....

Let's begin! Shall We?

Dear New Computer, thank you for arriving earlier then expected. I did not think you would be here until the 6TH of September so you are a few days early yay! I am one happy girl again! I am just now learning to use you! You are completely different then my old one. But I love you already thus far!

Dear Work, I am so beyond over you! Your truly drive me crazy & for some reason this month you have really pushed my limits I swear. I mean I know I am a nurse & all however I can only handle so much! Are you wanting me to pull my hair out? I think so sadly...

Dear Aunt Joyce, thank you for always wanting to see me! I know you are not my only aunt but you truly are one of my favorites. I love you & I love our niece/aunt time. We have it so much more lately & I just keep eating it up. I love our time together. Love you always :)

Dear Mud Run, you will be here finally tomorrow morning. Le'ts hope I can be bright eyed & bushy tailed! I am sure it will require some Starbucks! I hope you are nice too me. I do not want your obstacle course to kill me by any means. I have been looking forward to you for quite some time now so the fact that you are here is a bit exciting & overwhelming both.

Dear Starbucks, thank you for helping me wake my booty up this morning. I do not know if I could have done it without you to be honest!

Dear Birthday Of Mine, I really wanna start counting you down & come tomorrow I will start because as of tomorrow my bday will be here in 10 days.Hello September 10Th ;) I will then be 24! I hope 24 will be another good year for me.

Dear Leah, you had little miss Molleigh tonight! I am so proud of you sweet girl. She is perfect! I know it was hard for you having to have a natural birth since the nurses could not get the epidural in you :( You did great though you truly was a trooper!

Dear Body, I know you hate me at this moment! I know you want me to have more rest & lots more sleep! Hell I want me to have that too you know. I hate being this exhausted & such but for some reason sleep has not been my friend the past week! Who knows why so please go yell at Sleep for me so hopefully we both can be happy once again.


Casey Martinez said...

Happy almost birthday!! I know a lot of September BD's! Hope it's a great year. I miss being 24...wanna be that age again:) it just keeps creeping towards 30 like a freight train. HAHA. Thanks for the comment:) That was sweet of yah! xo

BBella said...

Your blog is awesome :)
how about following each other?

xx BBella

Janna Renee said...

Hope that you get some rest this weekend girl!