Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving This Wednesday...

I am linking up with sweet Jamie over @ This Kind Of Love! I would love to have you sweet ladies follow me  :)

1. I'm loving that tonight I am going to have father daughter time @ the fair! I love being so close to my daddy. It is always nice to catch up.

2. I'm loving that Payton Maria should arrive shortly! Poor Marcy has had it rough this pregnancy. Bless her heart so I know she is glad that she is finally dilating & will be seeing little miss very soon!

3. I'm loving that in a few short moments as soon as I finish this link up, I will be out the door & heading to my hair appointment! Get ready ladies it will be a huge change no long will it be long & dark It now will be short & look completely different! I promise to post the before & after :) So look forward to that.

4. I'm loving that two of my good friends got engaged yay! Lacy got  engaged & Jeremy got engaged! They both have amazing couples to spend the rest of their life with :) Jeremy found Felicia almost 2 years ago & she is great & such a sweet girl while Lacy met Brent almost 1 year ago this week & they now get to spend the rest of their lives together :) I am beyond bless to know all 4 of them :)

5. I'm loving that tomorrow night Lacy & I are going to the fair to play catch up together & to have a good time as we always do! I am excited to hear plans & such of the wedding details & to know every little moment of how Brent asked her to marry him!

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