Monday, June 4, 2012

photo time!

Today had been such a great day. Aunt Joyce had 3 of my baby cousins today. Since I had the day off I decided that I would spend the day with them. I knew that the little ones would enjoy it as so would I. Ava is my picture doll just like me! Ella likes taking them but hates being in them & well Addie she is one minute to the next girl. Sometimes she loves photos & sometimes she hates them,today was one of her hate days! However she was in a great mood & we all had a blast all in all! I am one tired lady needless to say.. Enjoy the sweet photos of sweet Ava & I :) & one with sweet Addie :)


Crystal Seed said...

Dude, I LOVE your sunnies!!! I want some pink ones like that!!!!

Crystal Seed said...

Can I also suggest taking the word verification off your posts? Thanks! :-)

Crystal Seed said...

What is Cato?? Can I shop online??