Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fill In Friday ( a few days late)

I normally link up with sweet Lauren however as you can see I am a few days late! I even am late on my Friday letters too! I am just now finding some time to blog about them both! Sorry ladies! Gosh I need to learn to fit all these in my schedule hehe!

So I noticed just now that Lauren was burnt out on them & is trying to find a new way to do them so I decided to fill in my own about summer! I find that it appropriate since its now pretty much summer....

1. Favorite activity during summer is             ?

2. Favorite summer bbq food is              ?

3. Favorite summer drink is                ?

4. When you think of summer                comes to mind!

5.                  gave me the worst sunburn ever!

1. My favorite activity during is being out on the lake tubing, wake boarding, & knee boarding.

2. My favorite summer bbq food is bbq chicken on the grill.

3. My favorite summer drink is either peach tea or if its alcoholic I would say sex on the beach.

4. When I think of summer: beach, lake, tanning, crazy nights, & so much more come to mind.

5. Bermuda & the Carribean gave me the worst sunburn ever their air & sun & such is so different over there.... However I would not trade it because it was so much fun :)

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