Monday, May 14, 2012

Sara Came In To Visit :)

Sara is one of my best friends who use to live here in Cookeville with me however she moved to Knoxville a year ago & I was super sad because it went from seeing her every single day to only seeing her every so often when we both had time off.  We are literally twins we are both so outgoing & love to have tons of fun I miss that & she tries all the time to get me to move to Knoxville & live with her however its not that simple. I have a life here :( If I didn't lord knows I would hop on that band wagon super fast to be there with her :) She came in to visit Wednesday & It was so much fun. We had lunch @ Cheddars & of course we had drinks as always, afterwards we got random & had piercings done, shopping followed, dinner was @ El tap with more drinks & then finally our night ended @ Crawdaddy's with more drinks. It was such a fun night with so many of our good friends. I was sad it ended but I let it because I knew that come 19th - 22nd I would be in Knoxville with her for 4 days yay cannot wait :) love my boo!

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Dale JaneƩ said...

You and your friend are so cute and I love car races so this is really exciting you got to go. You took so many cool pics too