Sunday, May 6, 2012

Recap of the Concert! Blood,Sweat & Beers (:

(Katie & Kayla)

Up close & personal just the way I like it ( yay for floor seating)
Full moon hmm I am shocked nothing crazy happened!

Katie & Gage (aka birthday boy) Happy 21st birthday babe!

Ok so Let me just start off by saying that I love love loved the concert :) & ps for some of you who do not know we did not know if the show was going to be cancelled or not due to sickness with Eric because he had to cancel the one before us & reschedule it for October :* however we got lucky & he kept the show going for us :). The concert was so much stinking fun! I loved Brantley & Eric however I am not sure how I feel about Blackberry Smoke! I have indifferernt feelings toward that band.I had to work until 2 then afterwards I ate with my sweet daddy @ Logan's then once Chris got off @ 4 the two of us was Nashville bound :) I was bouncing off the walls the whole way there I was overly excited & Chris was too even though he would not admit it. He stayed in his uniform the whole night & refused to take pictures ( I called him mr grumpy hehe) But overall he was happy because he got to see his favorite mister Eric Church! We had floor seating  which was great except for one part which was the fact that my lovely Iphone did not wanna take pictures without glaring & missing the faces off the bands so I said fuck it & gave up trying however I did get a few pictures from the night but mind you lets remember by the end of it all our phones was basically dead after being in mission all day from us all! I was however sad at the end of the night that I could not be two places at once & the reason being is because my moth er, aunt Joyce, aunt Shirley, cousin Kendall, & cousin Tay also came to Nashville yesterday as well but left before Chris & I did they left @ 10 yesterday morning because they wanted to do some shopping! @ the end of the night they got to see Josh Turner & Miranda Lambert @ Opry Mills for the Grand Opening. I must say once we discussed our nights I was so sad that I was not in both places! 

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