Saturday, April 7, 2012

Surprise Night

So last night I was totally surprised when Heather, Ben, & Josh came to visit me. We all live an hr away from one another & at times it sucks because I hate not having my friends live closer to me. But when I do see them I love & cherish every single moment of it. I am sure you would to if your friends lived that far away from you. I have more then those 3 of course whom live an hour away but last night was just those three. We was all hungry so we went to eat at Chili's Bar & Grill. We had 3 waiters & those boys was great so entertaining! We could not have asked for better & since they was so great they got a 20 dollar tip to split between the 3 of them. After we had eaten we decided we was gonna go see American Pie Reunion. We was super excited to see it because we thought there would never be another one ever again. We laughed so hard during the movie! Before it started I took Pictures but poor Ben was too far away to take a picture because he was on the other side of Heather so down below I added a picture of him so he was not so left out... I love my friends they are amazing. At the end we said our goodbyes so bittersweet needless to say I cannot wait until I see them next weekend for camping :)

Heather & I

Josh & I


Sweet Ben :)

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