Monday, March 5, 2012

3am @ McDonald's

Saturday Night Jess, Rach & I was in the same vehicle together heading back to the house.  We was hungry & really wanted Burger King however the first BK we went to we could not understand the waitress, we went to a second one who said they could not take the order because they was doing something with their computers, so our third & finally choice was McDonald's. We had to wait in that line for over 40 minutes how crazy is that but we did have entertainment as you will see in videos 1-3 in which I am going to post for you lovely ladies! Us girls was laughing so hard. Needless to say all of our boys beat us to the house & none of them took keys so they had to wait on us to unlock the door. Such good laughs! Overall this was such a great night out :)

1 0f 3 (must watch all 3 in order to understand)

2 of 3

3 of 3

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