Monday, February 6, 2012

Diesel Pull :)

I may be a city girl but I am also a southern girl.
I may not be country but I do like some southern ways & things they do!
One of those being a diesel pull!
I love diesel trucks so watching them pull equals all around love :)
I was one happy girl Saturday night :)
That night with a bunch of my guys was so much fun!
Sissy even went & it was her first pull ever...
I did however learn a few lessons along the way,
One being make it early so you can go with your boys in their big huge diesel trucks verses trying to take your car which by the way got stuck thanks to the mud!
At least my boys saved me & got me unstuck yay....
Oh & I think I needed to wear some real cowboy boots verses cute ugg boots because now I have to go bye a special cleaner to clean them with because they are super duper muddy!
Leave it to us girlie girls to think things through... Oh wait we didn't!
Oh & did I meantion my car is also super muddy as well which means it needs a bath inside & out both just my luck huh...Surprise surprise!
But for real It was super fun & was a good night that I will love & cherish forever :)

This tractor was on fire literally

Cute saying hehe

Loved this color! It was so pretty...

Curt pulling

Ty Pulling :)

Ty was not even 2 feet away he did so good... 
I was so proud of him :)

Trucks as follows: Blair,Curt, & Ty

Ty just chillin before the pull :)

Ty made it to the very end yay :)

Ty getting pulled off after the pull!

The front: cute huh!

Me @ the pull to watch my sweet ones!

Me before the pull earlier that day :)
I was such a happy girl :)

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