Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk

I bet you are wondering ladies what I am talking about right?
Well my friends & I are going to do a 3 day breast cancer awareness walk.
& I could not be any more excited about it :)

1. It is going to be held in Atlanta
2. Its 60 miles in 3 days & you do 20 miles per day
3. There is a sign up fee
4. You can be by yourself or have a team totally up to you!
5. You sleep in tents & they are all decked out in pink :) & you can be artistic & design them with things ;)
6. They have food for you to eat & tons of entertainment during the walk & during camp time
7. You have stops during the walk & each of those 3 days you wear colorful pink decked out clothing
8. @ the end of the 3rd day after the walk is finished you are greeted by some survivors & people who are thankful for your help & support for walking all those miles & eat your last meal with every one together
9. You will meet great friends along the way
10. Best of all you get a memory that you can cherish for a lifetime :) & its something to be proud of to know that you cared...

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