Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So what?


1. That I want the new Iphone 4S! I mean who don't?

2. That I am tired of working my 12 hr shifts @ work I only get 4 days off this month :( & that is just not enough...

3. That I miss my boyfriend when we are apart 9 times out of 10 we are always together :0

4. That I have been in bed by like 9:30pm the past few nights...This gal has been super duper tired ;(

5. That this whole week we have had take out food? The thoughts of cooking after a 12 hr shift every day this week so far has just not sounded like my cup of tea... 

6. That my favorite kiss is the one I get on the forehead its so sweet of my sweet one to give them to me :) & he does them @ the sweetest moments even better :)

What are you sweet ladies saying so what too? & I would love for you sweet girls to follow me @ 

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