Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hidden Hollow Lights

Friday night after I got off work
I wanted to spend some time with my cousin Felicia whom came in to visit for the holidays with her daughter Kaitlyn for a week.
I hardly ever get to see them anymore so it was nice to spend some time with them & since the hunny was at a dirty santa thing I figured this would be a great time to see them both :)
We went to Cheddars to eat where we waited for about an hour
then afterwards went to Hidden Hollow to let Kaitlyn see the lights :)
Then we went to Wally World after & it was crazy insane with a line of waiting for about 40 minutes gosh it was packed full....
Here are some pictures of us ;)

She loves this santa hat hehe too cute! She wore it inside cheddars

she cut her hair :( I guess all kids do it once though when little... I know I did as a child!

Kaitlyn loved watchin me swing on this big huge swing which went out over the water :)

Please ignore the crazy face expression of mine please :)

I think she became my new hunny however I do not think it would last bc my other hunny would never let me go :)

Me n Frosty :) Kaitlyn loved this but she would not take a pic with him or santa ;( I did though :)

I wanted his nose :)

Ms. Piggy 

attempt 1 of tryin to get on ms piggy

attempt 2 of getting on ms piggy

attempt 3 equals success :)
now tryin to get off of ms piggy

hello santa :) I have been a very good adult this year :)



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