Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 10 In The 25 Days Of Christmas

Favorite Christmas Crafts:

1. Christmas Wreaths- 
Gorgeous...and there's a tutorial

Cute Wreath

Winter Wonderland Wreath

Holiday Spirit Yarn Wreath by Agnes of Knock Knocking.

Yarn Wreath by Agnes of Knock Knocking.

2. Cute little Christmas Trees-
homemade ornament trees

ribbon tree........i might have to do this

pins pushed through buttons on to foam forms. - do it on a round form for a punkin

easy trees

3. Decor is the best of them all :)
totally love this porch!


Pinecones and ornaments and epsom salts... cute!

this is a neat decor for the home


Kleenex boxes, how cute!!

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