Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Oh how I will be very honest obsession does not even begin to describe my thoughts for these movies!  I am absolutely in love!!!!


I bet you are saying really! Is she really linking up too this? & yes oh yes I am & I could not be anymore excited about Thanks Marcy :) Love this!

1. Are you going to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 on opening night for the midnight release?

 Ugh Yes I absolutely am! Yes I am going to stand in that very long line to wait to go in, Yes I am going to stay the whole time, Yes I am going to love every single moment of this movie & most of all Yes I will see it again within a few days after seeing it for opening night :) I cannot help it I am addicted to these movies....& sigh I will be exhausted the next morning for work & I do not care at all because this is going to be so worth it....

2. The scene you are most looking forward too during Breaking Dawn part 1!

Oh I cannot answer this one because if I did that I would have to name every single part in the movie... because I am looking forward to it all.... eek excitement :)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 - Breaking Dawn Part 1

Oh how if only this could be my fairytale :) I would without a doubt be in heaven then :)

3. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

You can kill me now if you want however I must admit I love them both! wanna know why?Well if you don't too bad I'm gonna tell you anyway :)

I love the thoughts of getting to live forever as a 23 year old which btw is my age... & I mean after all who could not love this man? I mean he is the sweetest thing & would even die for belle aka me hehe in my dreams! A girl can dream right? If not this girl can & does ;)

Oh how can you not love a hot werewolf especially when they are always an infurno I love snuggles & oh how I would snuggle with him every single night sigh if only this could be so true :) Could you please grow a few years so it would not be rape hehe if I tried?

Ok but for real I love them both & could marry them both! It would be a hard decision however I must admit in the case of belle & them I do think edward is the better choice! They are more alike...

4. Favorite book in the saga.

Mine would without a doubt be Breaking Dawn. It was the best out  of them all so much going on & all :) I could not get enough of it & ps It only took me 1 whole day to read it yes that is how obsessed I am with this saga movie ;)

5. Favorite character in the series & why!

This may come as a shock but to me my favorite is Emmett! Why I bet you want to know? Well I have so many boys in my life whom are like big brothers to me & he so much seems like that big brother type I have grown attached to him to say the least... However I would not mind if I got to date him either all these boys are so damn hot!

This is Emmett with Nessie look at this precious moment I can only hope that someday I have a man whom is that happy with a child :) Emmett would be a great father! I just love this moment :)

6. Why do you love Twilight?

I love how It takes me to another world that I could so much see myself living in. I get dreams as far as my little mind can take me & I love those moments even if they may never happen in real life to me that is without a doubt my dream world always & forever more!

7. Are the books or movies better?

Oh this is a hard one to answer! I without a doubt loved the books however the movie was what brought all the characters alive & made them real & I think I loved that most of all :) so I guess I would choose movies!

8. What do you dislike about the series?

I dislike with a passion that it must end :( I wish these could go on & on forever :) I would be one happy girl if that was too come true... I remember one of my friends found a site where people wrote of lives after the book for them & such some where stupid but one made another book of it & it was so neat to read & it made you think if their was to be another book would it be anything like what they wrote....

9. Craziest fan moment!

Wow I would have to think on this one!

10. Do you have a Twilight collection?

Oh yes! I own all the movies thus far & I own all the books! I love love love them so very much!


star said...

Im Team edward 1000000000000%, but I admit, Emmett is HOT! Enjoy the movie and thanks for linking up!

tara said...

i totally agree with you that the movies brought the characters to life! SO excited to see it!!

Crystal Seed said...

Um, this blog was a whole bunch of sexiness!!! And that picture of Emmett and Nessie...OMG!!! I can't wait! I'm going to see it NEXT Sunday!

Erin O'Riordan said...

Cool wedding photos.