Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not a happy girl since vacation ended

I do not even know where to begin at ladies!I am not a happy camper...I bet you wanna know why huh?Well you see I take tons n tons of pictures all the time of anything & everything a bad habit maybe but its my habit & I love it!Well I was taken the pictures of North Carolina/ wedding rehearsal/ & the actually wedding day on my camera with my sd card inserted of course, well I ran out of sd card at the end of the ceremony so had to switch them out & put in a new one! Little did I know that somehow or another my mini SD card would seem to disappear into thin air as if it never existed. I did not even know it was missing. I got home Sunday night & did not unpack until Tuesday evening because work was crazy from the moment I got back :( So I went to where I had packed away my SD safely only to find it missing! Yes missing... I lost it & you talk about going off I did just that! I dumped our stuff all over the floor in hopes we just over looked it but no we didn't over look it so then we decided to go search the mr car & we did not find it in his car either so needless to say I have been in a grumpy mood since that moment & have yet to be happy :( I want my card & yes i am being a baby about it because those are memories that can never be replaced :( le sigh!!!!!!!! so here are the pics from the trip that was on my new sd card.... I didn't edit them or nothing I just want this post over with in hopes that I can forget that I cannot find my SD card anywhere with all those memories plus so much more on it :( ;( :(

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