Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31 Halloween Question

1. Did you do something for Halloween?
Yes! Alexa n I passed out candy to our trick or treaters then soon after we went ourselves.... She had so much fun! She loved every moment :)

2. Favorite Halloween Movie?
Hocus Pocus! 

3. Halloween costume this year?
I had 2! I was a sexy devil & a football playa :)

4. Favorite horror movie?
Eek! I do not think I truly have just one favorite, I have so many that I actually love :) I mean after all a girl can never love too many movies!

5. Best Halloween/ fall themed food?
Things with pumpkin,apple,cinnamon, nutmeg & so much more are amazing! I just love so many foods when it comes to Halloween/ Fall!

6. First horror movie ever?
Cheerleading massacre...I remember going crazy because it was during a sleepover & my best friends dad was outside & turned on a chainsaw n scared us girls to death :( we did not sleep that night at all....

7. A paranormal experience you have seen/heard?
When I did an internship at a children's hospital I was working a night shift & i heard a ball bouncing down my wing that I was taking care of. I went to look to see whom was bouncing one but I found no one! All the little ones were asleep. I went back & I could hear it throughout the whole night. The next morning I told the other nurse coming in & she explained to me that a young child whom once was here for a very long time always use to bounce a ball against the walls by himself until the day he passed away & that every so often when its super quite & not busy on the wing you can always hear it bounce with little giggles from the boy! I was paranoid after but I enjoyed it so very much :)

8. Do you believe in witch craft?
Ha if only! No I do not however I will admit as a child I always wanted to be sailor moon & I guess you can categorize it into that :) I loved it as a young child :)

9. Best costume worn ever?
I would say my devil costume this year!  I loved how i was a devil but yet sexy at the exact same time :)

10. Favorite candy?
Kit kat & milky way 

11. How do I act when watching a scary movie?
Oh I am without a dout a snuggle bunny during them! I feel bad for my man he has to endure the claws that come out from being scared to death! I am shocked he has an arm or leg left afterwards as much as I grab it n squeeze it & such.

12. Best pumpkin carving I have done?
I use all those stencils so I normally have some pretty neat ones! I carved 6 this year :) Each one was different :) I loved them!

13. Do you believe in ghost/spirits?

14. Halloween decoration tips?
I would say decorate your home in the since of whom you are: I love Halloween so I decorate & 
go all out but to someone whom does not love it as much may not want a lot! so just be you :)

15. What do you use to hold your Halloween candy when you trick or treat?
Well I use to use those cute little pumpkins with faces on them yea old style I know but Alexa we have got her so many cute ones since her first Halloween! We even had her name on it  the past 2 years ;) She has loved them!

16. My Halloween traditions?
My family & I always have 2 Halloween parties! One inside & one outside :)

17. Best Halloween pranks/dares?
I would say maybe rolling houses! which btw I have never done! It seems like a lot of fun however I would not wanna clean up that mess! 

18. Biggest fear?
My biggest fear of Halloween is clowns with jagged teeth, & chainsaw men! I freak out & loose it needless to say when near them! Its awful.... 

19. Opinion on October weather?
Most of the time its not too hot & not too cold! so it becomes the perfect inbetween season  between Summer & Winter!

20. First Halloween costume?
Daddy had the bright idea

21. Worst Halloween candy?
Twizzlers, Reeses can you say nasty! I say nasty & gross! I hate them both....

22. Why do I love Halloween?
I love the dressing up, hayrides, themed parties, pumpkin patches, scary movies, haunted houses I mean oh goodness my list could go on & on :)

23. Am I participating in any parties,games or contest?
Of Course! I have went to 2 parties for friends then hosted 2 as well :) so that is a grand total of 4 :) I loved loved loved them all!

24. What kind of candy am I passing out?
We passed out rice krisp, mini kit kats & milky way

25. What is the most creative costume I have ever wore?
I would say the most creative would have been when we hand made my tinkerbell costume! I am so picky & I wanted it just right :)

26. Favorite Halloween memory?
I loved it all & cherished it all however watching Alexa during it all was the best! I loved how Jared & I got to take her to hayrides, pumpkin patches & trick or treating together as a family how we once use to be! She is my pride & joy & she has blessed me dearly!

27. Favorite fall drink?
Oh I have loved my Spiced Apple Cider but I also have loved my Pumpkin Spice Lattes :)

28. Addams family or the Monsters?
Well since I do not even know what Monsters is I am going to say the Addams Family!

29. Any plans for next years costume?
Not a clue yet however I promise this year I will decided a good amount before Halloween because I do not like the stress of last minute! That I do know for sure I just gotta top this years costume!

30. Did I go to a pumpkin patch this Fall?
Oh yes & more then 1 :) 
Alexa, Jared & I went to one together!
Then Just me n her!
Then I went & took some of my little cousin which they enjoyed & of course alexa went with her, Scarlett & Kati loved time together :)

31. Did I go to anything haunted?If so did I enjoy & which was the best one?
Oh goodness yes! I went to so many! I loved them all very much :) I think my best one was the bloody woods! I about died that night with all those haunted people chasing me! I even had to sign a waver.... So worth it :)

Ladies I hope you all had a great Halloween too & I would love to see your answers for the above questions :) 

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It sounds like you had a great Halloween! Kori xoxo