Wednesday, October 12, 2011



1. That I have watched  Something Borrowed about a dozen times since buying it on DVD, it is a great movie!
Something Borrowed [DVD]

2. That I  am addicted to Mt Dew when you have to be at work by 6am you learn to love sugar drinks

3. That I have complained all week about work! I think it is time for vacation...

4. That I am getting anzy about Breaking Dawn part ! less then a month to go :)

5. That I have been taking naps all week after work, I have been exhasted

6. That little miss is still yet to arrive she does not want to join our family anytime soon even though she is now 4 days past her due date ugh this is driving me crazy.....I however do not think she minds she is perfectly content in the tummy for now :(

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Crystal Seed said...

I also cannot wait for Breaking Dawn! SOOO excited about it! Have you enjoyed the others? What's been your fave?

Crystal Seed said...

I have liked them all. I think the last one was my fave too. I've read all the books too and Breaking Dawn was my fave! So I'm uber excited for the movie now.

Miranda said...

I am addicted to Mountain Dew as well! Trying to kick the habit though. And Something Borrowed is a great movies. :D


Shannon Dew said...

Oh I need to watch something borrowed again! Love that movie!!!