Thursday, September 22, 2011

high school years/ life now

Ladies, I was on a friends page and she was doing,
Where I Am From blog,
hers was a recent one however, it make me think of my high school years....
During my senior year 5 years ago I had to make a scrap book!
It was my first time I was super nervous that it would turn out horrible,
I ended up loving it in the end and afterwards went on to do many more scrapbooks!
They get better and better as I learn more about them and improve them....
In my senior scrapbook I had to write about my life up to that point of graduation!
One of the parts I had to write was  where I am from so I will write that one from a long time ago then I will write one now of how my life has changed since then so Im kinda changing it up....
Hope you ladies love this :)

I Am From ( senior scrapbook)
I am from little baby girl to big baby girl.
I am from young & restless to older & sofisticated.
I am from Granny Dimple to my Parents from Rickman to Livingston.
I am from shopping & walking in the city to screaming bloody murder at all the critters in the country.
I am from spending Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas with all my family on both sides.
I am from playing little kid games to now going to real ball games.
I am from riding battery operated barbie jeeps to now driving a real car around.
I am from slumber parties to going out clubbing.
I am from reading stories to writing them as well as poems.
I am from cute flip flops to glamorous high heels.
I am from pretend boyfriends to real boyfriends.
I am from oh my gosh boys have cooties to oh my gosh I love that boy.
I am from teenager to adult.
I am from high school girl to college girl.
I am from dressing up with friends to dressing up to go on a date.
I am from a toy giga pet to a real toy shizu.
I am from sleeping all day to staying up all night.
I am from being nice to being mean depending on my day.
I am from long hair when younger to having short hair since older.
I am from being walked to places to now walking on my own.
I am from immature to very mature.
I am from believing in fate to believing in karma.

My Life Now

I am from my sweet parent raising me to now raising myself!
I am from my home with my parents to a home of my own!
I am from my parents giving birth to me to giving birth to my own children!
I am from a boyfriend to a fiance!
I am from Cookeville to Savannah!
I am from college girl to now out of college girl!
I am from LPN to RN! 
& much much more.....

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