Monday, May 9, 2011


Blog memes with questions,easy blog memes,Monday Mingle meme

1. Did you watch Extreme Couponing? What are  your thoughts?
2. What is the sales tax amount in the city/county you live in?
3. Did you finish your taxes yet, or do you wait until the  April 15th deadline?
1. I did yes! I love this show very much to say the least. I however do not think I have enough patience for it but then again you never know until you try it... I think its amazing how they spend hardly nothing on like 6 carts of stuff...
2. I have no clue to be very honest!!!
3. I did mine back in January ok maybe my daddy did hehe yes I still am a lil girl at heart why shud I do them when I have an amazing father that volunteers his time to do them for his precious grown adult daughter :)

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