Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So What Wednesday

SO WHAT... that school starts back this week actually tomorrow to be exact, and I am not looking forward to starting college classes back at all. I need summer to hurry up and get here soon.

SO WHAT...that I am excited about getting my hair done Friday evening all girls love to look cute and have a new hair do.

SO WHAT... that it is March and I am already looking foward to June, July and November bet you cannot guess why so I will you why hehe, In June the new pirates of the carribean comes out, July transformers 3 comes out then in November well that is when part one of breaking dawn comes out those are going to be 3 amazing movies

SO WHAT... that I am in love with a house that I do not even own yet I have had time to pick what I have wanted in a complete house for several years now and know how I want to design the house of my dreams :)


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