Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lake/ puppy saving day yesterday

Yesterday Andrea and I had a very eventful day all in all. We started out our morning by going to the DMV to get her a new license since today was when she turned 21. She is all grown up like the rest of now how sweet it is. After she had waited there on her own for 2 hours when I got their I took her straight to pictures which made her very happy she said she liked this new trick lol.

We went to Hurricane after which was tons of fun we even found 4 puppies that someone had dropped off. Stan took the little boy so that left us with 3 girls and Andrea said she could not leave them their for the pound to take them, so can u guess what happened next yes you guessed it we took them with us. We went to wal-mart and 3 hours later we had all 3 of them good homes. We was so so proud of our selves for doing a good deed :) these was the cute puppies...

After our big adventure day we decided we wanted a nice glass of cold water and some food so we decided why not go to O'Charley's which is exactly what we chose to do. We both ate every bite and drink 2 glasses worth of cold water yummy

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