Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catching up on some fun is what I am bout to do so why dont you jump on in and play along too...


1. what inspires you?
2. what was the last thing you bought yourself?
3. would you rather watch a movie in a theater or from the comfort of your own home?
4. household chore you don't mind doing?
5. coffee or tea?
6. what could you eat every day and not get sick of??
7. what's the last book you read?
8. do you think you look you "look" your age?


1. I would have to say my family, photography,  things I seem to find on HGTV that helps me to know how I want my house completely done :)

2. My tommy purse... I love it because it goes with almost anything. Which is super nice...

3. I do not think that I can choose I actually like both very much they both have fun up and downs to them...

4. I like doing any of them as long as I do not have to do the dishes hint hint that is why I own a dishwasher it is a huge life saver. I guess I should be glad I love cleaning because I always have a nice home smelling fresh because I am a neat freak and organized both.

5. Tea by far I hate coffee.

6. Patato soup from o'charleys
7. Breaking Dawn was the last one I have read

8. No every one tells me I still look young which upsets me at times because I am in my 20's however later in life I will be saying thank you for thinking I look younger hehe

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