Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bachelor love

Yesterday the season 15 of the bachelor came on and it was the season finale. Brad had to choose between two amazing girls, Chantel and Emily :) I think he is way stronger then I am because their is no way I could have chosen between them two because I loved both of these amazing girls.

Brad had chosen Emily and for me I was so happy with that. I would have been happy with either girl.  You an see in this pic of just how much They both was truly happy with each other :)

this is a picture of their happy little family :)

This is what happened during the final rose ceremony when brad had to choose :


First: The Dumping. Who gets out of the first limo? Why, it's ... Chantal, Brad's fun-loving peacock who's got all her eggs in his basket. And he's about to crack 'em:

Brad tells Chantal that he felt a connection with her from the start, and he can be himself around her. But here's where it gets tough: He has stronger feelings for someone else. Uh oh, she's crying. Brad says his signature, "Come here to me please" and gives her a hug as he explains that he was telling her the truth and everything they ever had was REAL. But not real enough for this reality TV finale.

When she's finally ready to speak, Chantal says Brad is an amazing guy and Emily is very lucky. She handles it a lot better than I thought she was going to, seeing as she was ready to make this her wedding day with Brad. Poor girl. You can tell she really believed in all of it, even the wedding.

Brad keeps telling Chantal that what he felt for her was real, and asking her if she has anything to say. She rejects his consolation compliments: "I want someone who is so crazy about me that they don't have to say that, that there is no question." BOOM. Gotcha, Brad, so shut up.


Chantal weeps what seem like very real tears in the limo. "It doesn't make sense. I just feel really stupid. How can I have been so convinced that he was the one? He didn't even love me." Aww, I feel so bad for her as she realizes too late that she just got played. Then the piano plays her out.

Second: The Proposal. Brad has a "heavy heart," but he's confident that Emily is "the one" and he's ready to propose. He's even ready to "stutter and stammer" through his "stupid speech." The robot is showing signs of self-awareness. It's only a matter of time before the uprising.

And here goes that speech:


"You're the one, Em. You're it. You're my once in a lifetime. I'm asking to please give me your forever. Please give me the opportunity to love you for the rest of your life."

He asks her to marry him, and she says YES!


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